Monthly Archives: May 2011

Puppy Love new dating site launched for Dogs

Posted On 2011-05-31 09:05:36

Yes you did read that correct a new site is to be launched to help pooches find true love. OK so true love may be a bit of a stretch of the imagination, but the site is aimed at finding suitable mates for dogs in the promotion of healthy breeding.... more

Cat reunited with owners after 5 years

Posted On 2011-05-27 10:05:33

An 11-year old tabby cat with no collar was found in Aldershot and his microchip showed a Glasgow address. It would have been rather unusual to find a cat 400 miles away from home, but the fact later on came to light that the owners actually moved from Aldershot to... more

Dog crawls home with two broken legs after being blown away in tornado

Posted On 2011-05-27 08:05:16

Scrappy dog Mason had been hiding in a garage in North Smithfield, Alabama when the storm hit on April 27. After being tossed up in the air by the tornado he was left for dead. Incredibly Mason crawled home on two broken legs. The tornado destroyed houses in the community... more

Dog nurses liger cubs

Posted On 2011-05-25 09:05:55

At China’s Xixiakou Zoo four liger cubs were born, but as the mother stopped feeding the cubs, two have unfortunately died. The staff at the zoo then decided to bring in a stepmother for the cubs, so a dog was brought in to nurse and feed the liger cubs. The... more

Owner rescues pet from the jaws of an alligator

Posted On 2011-05-23 11:05:48

Gary Murphy was devastated when his dog was snatched by an alligator whilst working on a boat on the Port St Lucie River in Palm City. One minute the little West Highland Terrier was keeping him company the other he could hear a yelp and when he looked spotted his... more

Poodle survives drop from sky

Posted On 2011-05-20 01:05:49

A Poodle has survived being dropped from the sky by a bird of prey, thought to be an Eagle. The six year old pooch landed in the garden of a nursing home in Vancouver. The dog had suffered broken ribs from the fall and had visible claw marks on her... more

The dog that is allergic to cats and only eats potatoes

Posted On 2011-05-20 08:05:34

Joey the Alsatian-Collie cross comes out in a nasty rash if he eats any meat or has contact with cats. His allergy is also brought out if he runs through grass or jumps into water. His owners Lisa and Scott now feed him nothing but potatoes and porridge as they... more

Pink Panther kittens

Posted On 2011-05-18 02:05:02

Four kittens have been rescued from Ladds Concrete Factory in Redruth, Cornwall after being abandoned by their mother. Staff at the factory heard their meows and found them hiding between a set of pallets. The four-week-old kittens have come into contact with some red dye whilst residing at the factory... more

One dog per family for the residents of Shanghai

Posted On 2011-05-17 09:05:05

A new law is being introduced in China for the residents of Shanghai which means each family will only be allowed to keep one dog, trying to reduce the number of abandoned dogs in the city. This law that limits dog ownership proceeds decades of single-child policy. Also, people were... more

The Owl and the Pussycat

Posted On 2011-05-17 08:05:44

They may not have a pea green boat nor did they dance by the light of the moon. They have however become an internet sensation, with thousands of viewers watching their friendship on You Tube. The two stars are Fum, the black cat, and Gebra, the barn owl. They can... more