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Dog finds new home after stab ordeal

Posted On 2013-06-21 04:06:06

A dog that survived the ordeal of being stabbed multiple times is enjoying a new life with a new owner. Chloe, a three-year-old Shih Tzu, was attacked by the brother of her former owner but now has a new home with Abby Dunlap in Virginia, US, the Washington Times reports.... more

Camera shows the secret cat world

Posted On 2013-06-17 02:06:36

Ever wondered what your cat gets up to when you’re not around? A BBC TV programme has shown us the real feline deal. An eye-opening show broadcast on June 13th attached cameras and GPS devices to the collars of 50 cats. The cameras revealed that cats spend a lot of... more

A little bit about Cats and Dogs

Posted On 2013-06-17 10:06:26

Did you know that there are 8 million dogs and 8 million cats in the UK alone and that 23% of UK households own a dog and 19% a cat? We ve compiled some useful information about pets please see the list of most popular pet names and more!... more

Britain’s fattest pets get fit for charity

Posted On 2013-06-11 04:06:25

A two-stone cat from Dorchester is being sent to the treadmill to take part in Pet Fit Week. Ulric the Norwegian Forest cat will be one of the 21 overweight animals who will receive help from the PDSA so they can regain a healthy physique. His owner Jan Mitchell said... more

Upcoming Pet shows 2013

Posted On 2013-06-11 01:06:43

If you are thinking of heading to some pet shows over the summer months here is a list of the upcoming dates and show events across the country. June 15th and 16th of June- Border Union Agricultural Society For more information please contact: Telephone Number: 01573 223843 £21st, 22nd and... more

The Worlds Most Famous Cats

Posted On 2013-06-11 07:06:38

For the past decade, cats have dominated the internet with their hilarious antics and mischievous exploits, and there are now dozens of celebrity cats who have become household names thanks to both the web and the media. Here are just a few of our favourites: Casper the Commuting Cat Casper... more

Breed of the Month: The Labrador Retriever The UKs Favourite Dog

Posted On 2013-06-11 07:06:49

When you’re in the market to get a new dog, choosing the breed is often the most difficult part of the process. There are hundreds to choose from, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Do you want a smart dog? A loyal dog? A playful dog? Luckily, you... more

Social media pet poll results

Posted On 2013-06-10 09:06:11

After a recent pet poll for a social networking website the results showed that pet lovers preferred to hug and seek comfort from their animals rather than confiding in a close relative or friend when feeling low. Over 1,124 people took part in the recent poll on My Social Petwork... more

Hero’s return for lifesaving canine

Posted On 2013-06-07 04:06:53

One brave dog will be welcomed home to big celebrations after an intense round of surgery. Philippines pooch, Kabang, had major surgery on her face after an accident in her hometown of Zamboanga City. She travelled a long way from home to receive the treatment at William R Pritchard Veterinary... more

Kittens escape from Ipswich landfill site digger

Posted On 2013-06-07 12:06:18

Three abandoned kittens were found at a Suffolk tip just moments before a digger got to them, but they had a lucky escape when the staff at the Foxhall landfill site in Ipswich spotted them amongst the rubbish and scooped them to safety. It was thought that the five-week-old kittens... more