Case Study: Amanda and Ollie

2016-06-13 11:06:54


When Ollie wasn’t his normal boisterous self, Amanda Smith immediately knew that something wasn’t quite right. Usually a vocal Scottish Terrier with a penchant for eating plants and chewing furniture, when Ollie started to behave so lethargically, Amanda began to spot other signs that indicated a visit to the vets might be in order.

“I noticed that Ollie’s normally bright eyes were becoming crusty and dull,” Amanda told us. “His coat didn’t have the same sheen to it and he didn’t seem to want to play anymore. When he started scratching so much that he couldn’t sleep at night, I knew it was time to take him to the vets.”

Some Sensible Advice

When a dog has a range of symptoms such as these, it can be hard for vets to isolate what the problem is. This was certainly the case for Amanda and, after weeks of trying fruitless solutions such as a change of diet, gluten-free dog food and bathing her Scottie in wheatgerm shampoo, Ollie’s owner eventually got some prescient advice from a work colleague.

“She suggested asking for the blood test that her dog had, so I took Ollie back to the vets and insisted on it. The test itself was nearly £400 but we knew it had to be done to get Ollie better. It came back ten days later and the results showed that not only Ollie was allergic to ALL meat apart from duck and rabbit but he was also allergic to all dairy products and soya.”

Getting Ollie Better

Amanda was relieved to find out what had been plaguing her dog and instantly set about making sure he didn’t suffer from the same symptoms again. Fantastically, it had an immediate effect.

“The first thing we did was buy dairy-free, soya-free dog food that only had duck in it. It was amazing, within a few days, Ollie started perking up. His coat became darker, his tongue was pink instead of grey and he looked like his happy, bouncy self again. He even began to play with our other dog again which was great – it had been so long since we had seen him do that!”

So, how did Amanda find her experience with

“To be honest, you hear so many stories of insurance firms, especially pet insurance, who, when you try to make a claim, find ‘exclusions’ and only pay for a very small part of the cost of treatment. We hadn’t bothered to claim for all the visits and treatments for the blood test but, because it was so much money, we decided to. We expected to have a fight on our hands but it was so very straightforward. We put the claim in and, a couple of weeks later, we were paid out in full, less the dietary exclusion. We couldn’t be more delighted with!”

A Lovely Caring Touch

At, we were pleased to hear that Ollie had recovered but also happy that Amanda was so satisfied with her claims experience.

“I would always definitely recommend to everyone and I have been singing your praises to all of my friends who have pets. Pets are like our children, we worry about them because they can’t tell us what is wrong and they rely on us to look after them. When treatment is required, take the worry of meeting vets costs off your hands and that lets you just concentrate on making sure your pet gets better, as quickly as possible. I received a courteous email letting me know when payment was going to be made and they even asked me if Ollie was getting better, which was a lovely caring touch.”

All’s well that end’s all, as far as Amanda and Ollie are concerned, and her charismatic and playful Scottie can get back to doing what he loves best – being cheeky and chewing everything in sight!

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