Case Study: Sandra and Jack her old Labrador Retriever

2015-06-11 09:06:36

We contacted Sandra from Derbyshire recently following her successful claim for her Labrador Jack, who needed taking to the vets following complications arising from night-time incontinence. Since speaking with Sandra Jack sadly has had to be put to sleep, and with Sandra’s blessing we re posting this testimonial in Jack’s memory.

Photo of Jack a Labrador Retriever

I bought him around 12 years ago, Sandra told us over the phone. His dad or his grandfather had once won the Best of Breeds at Crufts, and so Jack cost us about £500 back then. He’s my best friend.

Jack was wetting the bed in his sleep, and after testing his urine for proteins proved positive Sandra took Jack to their vet for further examination. He’s at the age when he gets night-time incontinence. I took him to the vet to see if we could put him on a course of propalin syrup [used to treat incontinence in dogs]. He’s actually suffering at the moment his back legs are going, a floppy larynx affects his breathing and he’s got a mass on his side that started growing about a year ago. The vet had previously recommended starting him on the syrup but it would be a risk if the mass on his liver turned out to be anything more serious.

Due to their initial wariness, Sandra had Jack’s blood tested. It came up clear. Because of that, we put him on the syrup treatment and were glad to see his symptoms stopped, it’s controlling him now. We started him off on 0.8mg twice a day but have cut down to 0.41mg.

… cover for Vet’s Fees

Sandra had chosen to insure with for two main reasons. The first thing was the price, she told us. Some insurers charge an absolute fortune. The second was the overall cover for Vet’s Fees. I wanted to make sure that if anything major happened he would have enough cover for any incident. You offered that at a really competitive price. Other policies didn’t have that bulk payment if anything major happened. It was just peace of mind.

… didn’t know how much it was going to cost

How did they find the quality of service throughout the claims procedure? Absolutely seamless, Sandra replied. They were seamless, brilliant. One of my concerns was that I didn’t know how much it was all going to cost in the end but he’s my dog, obviously I’d pay whatever it took.

… paid directly to the vet

One of the things I found was that I didn’t have to pay up front. That was quite a big thing for me. It was no problem at all, it only took a matter of weeks. I asked for the bulk of the payment to be paid directly to the vet which you did, and some companies won’t do that. And every time I’ve rung, everything’s been clear and no trouble at all. It paid for itself.

At the time of the interview, Sandra told us that Jack’s fatty lump most likely had started to develop on his liver several years ago though it hadn’t been bothering him. While Jack’s vet could perform the operation there was a significant chance he wouldn’t survive the anaesthetic. I know I’ve got the back of my insurer, but Jack’s 12 years old, he’s old for a Labrador to be honest. And for dogs of his size, a dog’s age is 7:1 compared to humans.

… time to let him go.

Shortly after this interview, Jack’s back legs gave way while the two were walking in the park. We rushed him to the vet who advised us that it was time to let him go.

Peace of mind is everything when you have a dearly loved pet who is a member of your family, Sandra added later. You gave us that and more. I would like to thank everyone who assisted us and would not hesitate to recommend you in the future.

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