Case study: Amy Jones and Sidney the Rottweiler

2015-04-09 01:04:39

Quick show of hands: do bigger dogs make for better companions?
It’s a weighted topic, but many dog owners would be quick to say yes. Just ask Amy Jones, whose dog Sidney clocks in at the larger (and heavier) end of the spectrum. Standing four foot tall at the shoulder and weighing almost ten and a half stone, Amy’s seven-year-old Rottweiler cross is no puny pooch. He’s not a fat dog, Amy says, but he’s very muscly. He’s a very handsome dog, even the vet says so. He’s got our vote too, Amy.

Case study: Sidney the RottweilerBig dog, big heart…

Owning a bigger dog means a bigger heart to love you back. It also means making the commitment to look after a bigger part of your life which can often mean bigger causes for concern and not to mention bigger bills. (Our recent infographic details the top five health-related claim categories for pets from 2014.)

Amy’s been with us for five years. I’ve been a dog owner since I was a child, she told us. I’m now 72 years old, and I’ve had Sidney since he was 7 weeks old. Though initially wary of insuring her dog, Amy found and decided to take out cover for the both of them. My daughter had a bad experience with her insurers, Amy said. I saw your website on the internet and gave you a try. I cannot praise you enough, you have always helped me and never thrown anything in the way of my claims.

Lifetime pet insurance – protection for your pet in the long run

Pet insurance isn’t just there for accidents and one-off emergencies. Lifetime policies are in place to ensure that you and your pet are protected in the long run. In April 2013 I had an accident and spent two weeks in the hospital, Amy told us. Unfortunately, she’d shattered her knee cap. Sidney had to go to the kennels for two weeks. You [] paid the fees with no hassle at all. Then in October 2014, Sidney had what appeared to be a nail growing in an odd direction. He had this removed by the vet and once again you paid. The claw didn’t heal and a strange growth started to come through the wound area; this turned out to be a cancerous growth, so the vet removed one of Sidney’s toes and part of his foot. Once again, you paid. Sidney has also had to receive treatments relating to asthma and respiratory conditions, all of which were processed and paid out successfully.

I have recommended you to two people that I know now are insured with you, Amy told us. I love Sidney to bits I don’t know what I would have done otherwise, there’s no way I could have afforded the vet’s fees myself.

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