Case Study: Simon and Treacle

2016-06-21 10:06:16


An Energetic Little Lab

Treacle the Labrador might be small but she is definitely one of the more adventurous dogs we have come across at Constantly by the side of her owner, Simon Wells professional photographer for Northern Photography Ltd, she travels all over the UK and enjoys the many varied aspects of the British countryside. Treacle is such an outdoors dog with an active lifestyle that when, one day, she appeared to pick up an injury it was an immediate cause for concern.

“We first noticed Treacle was having a problem around October 2015,” Simon told us. “After a walk in the hills, she suddenly sat down and let a little yelp out. She had a face that basically said ‘that hurt, what was it?’ After about ten minutes she was able to walk again, but was limping somewhat, so we kept an eye on her over the next couple of weeks.”

Dogs can pick up lots of little niggling injuries as they bound about so, initially, it might just be a case of monitoring the problem, which is exactly what Simon did. “It seemed to come back after walks on hard ground, so we made a visit to the vets. We tried a couple of things; rest, tablets, liquids and swimming but the problems just seemed to persist, so we had no choice but to get Treacle x-rayed.”

Surgery for Treacle

Treacle had the scans and was subsequently referred to Kentdale Vets, a specialist orthopaedic referral service in the north of England and Scotland. “Kentdale confirmed that Treacle had suffered a rupture to her cruciate, along with some other damage to the knee. Because she is such an active dog, they recommend a Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy, which involves attention to the cruciate and knee joint, and plates being fitted to offer the opportunity of 100% recovery.”

Surgery on animals can be upsetting and expensive, so how did Simon find his experience with “I found the process to be very easy. From the very start we were contacted at all stages of the claim or if anything else was required and any additional information was forwarded to us pretty instantly.  After only a short time, we received confirmation that everything was okay for the claim to go ahead. The whole process was completed within 14 days of Treacle having her operation – what more could we have asked?!”

The surgery went ahead without a hitch, so what we all want to know is how Treacle has been since. “In a word? Bored,” Simon grins ruefully. “We have 12 weeks of rehabilitation to contend with. No stairs, no running, no walks (other than toilet walks) and, worst of all, no swimming, something Treacle has done every day for 8 years. Treacle cannot understand why all the fun has stopped. The worst bit is I’m sure she thinks she is being punished for something she hasn’t done!”

On the Road to Recovery

The good news is that after the 12 week recovery period Treacle should be back to her old self and she can fully re-join the family she has been part of for so long. “We got Treacle as a 12 week old pup in 2006. She was the smallest of the litter but you could see she had a little streak of cheekiness in her. Our photography business showcases the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales, so every day she has been in the car with us, heading for hills or water! Treacle has swum in every lake, river, tarn, canal, ditch, flood or waterhole around, she loves it and I believe she lives a very happy and active life and will do so for many more years. She really is a very special dog.”

It isn’t just Simon. Most dog owners see their pets as loyal, loving and valued members of the family and they want to try and protect as they would anyone else. Treacle is ten-years-old but just because she is a senior dog, it doesn’t affect the level of protection she can receive. At we offer a range of older dog insurance cover that could help protect you and your pet should the unexpected occur. With a 45% Intro discount and an additional 10% Multi-dog discount, visit for a quick and easy quote today!

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