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2015-07-30 09:07:25

If you have ever wondered whether you might want pet insurance or if it’s really worthwhile, then you are not alone. We understand that if you asked us at, then you would likely think our answer would be biased. To that end we ve been crunching some statistics and created the infographic looking at some of the most expensive claims. Also, just in case you missed it, we published our Top 5 health claims for UK cats and dogs infographic earlier this year which you might also want to read.

If you prefer infographics and pictures then simply click here or on the image below to pop open a bigger version, but if you prefer to read text then please feel free to keep scrolling.

[Note: the statistics in this blog post and infographic are taken from the top 50 biggest pet insurance claims in 2014.]

A stat to keep in mind as you read on: The average age of cats and dogs on new insurance policies is just under 3 years old.

How long before I am likely to make a claim?

If you’ve had pet insurance for a year or two and haven’t made a claim, then you may start to get itchy feet – but our statistics from 2014 show that it took on average 28 months for cats and 26 months for dogs before the first claim was made.

How likely am I to make more than one claim?

If value for money is what you look for in your pet insurance, then this statistic may be for you: 68% of people who made a claim in 2014 had already made at least one previous claim.

What are the big things that I would be most likely to claim for?

It’s clear that Growths, Cysts and Tumour related claims are far and away the most frequent big claims at nearly 20% of claims. However, if you take Road Traffic accidents out of the equation, you may have noticed that if you group the claim types as musculoskeletal and non-musculoskeletal, it’s about 50-50.

How big are pet insurance claims?

Whether you have never taken out an insurance policy before or are a seasoned policyholder, you may well be curious about how much a pet insurance claim payout is likely to be – especially if you are yet to make a claim. Well today is the day you might find out without having to actually make a claim!

Of course, it varies on your pet type and breed.

Costly Crossbreed Cats

Possibly the most surprising entry into the top 6 is that for insurance claims for crossbreed cats which sits at number four in our biggest average claims list, the five other being claimed by canine competitors. The interesting fact here though is that the principal cause was for Road Traffic Accidents as opposed to the health related claims for dogs.

The youngest, quickest and most costly claim…

This inauspicious honour goes to German Shepherd dogs who top the table for biggest claim at £7,904 at aged just four after being insured for just 13 months. The cause? Seizures.

The smallest dog breed in our biggest claims list?

In comparison to the others, the Staffordshire Pitbull Terrier (Staffie) weighs in with the third most expensive average claim at £7,351 for Growths, Cysts and Tumours. In their favour however is the fact that their average age was 7 years old.

Infographic showing stats for the costliest insurance claims for dogs and cats in the UK

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