Give a dog a throne: Holding court with Chudleigh

2015-07-02 12:07:29

You’ve heard the story about the princess and the pea. How about the pedigree prince and the sunflower seed?

Chudleigh, the Norwich Terrier, is what you might call a prince by proxy. It’s only natural to award our pets with ironic regal titles for primadonna proclivities and you may be forgiven for thinking that we ve slipped in an over-exaggeration, but Chudleigh is an exception. He’s as close to a crowned canine as it’s possible to be (without actually being a Corgi and moving to London), but he’s just as prone to accidents and mishap as all the rest of us.

Photo of Jack a Labrador Retriever

Ratting, digging, long walks, swims and bins!

He’s usually very busy, say Chudleigh’s proud owners of his daily routine. His favourite pastimes include ratting, digging enormous holes in the most convenient places, going for long walks and taking refreshing swims and having a good root around in the bins. He may have the pedigree of an aristocrat, they told us recently, but sometimes he has the manners of a peasant.

When Chudleigh’s owners got in touch our editorial team suddenly found themselves rushing around to mind their P’s and Q’s and brush up on the correct forms of regal address, and we were honoured to get the chance to talk to HRH Princess Helena of Romania and her husband, HE The Hon. Alexander Nixon. They have three dogs insured with and we re delighted to be able to be on Her Majesty’s service. So to speak.

Chudleigh managed to get a sunflower seed stuck up his nose, and had to be taken for emergency attention. Heaven knows how he managed it, but he did. Thankfully, the princely pup was up on his feet quickly and back to his busy social schedule. Chudleigh regular visits the local retirement home to visit the residents. He gets a lot of attention, he really enjoys going to visit. He likes to see them smile and laugh.

Pet insurance.. peace of mind and comfort

Alex and I believe that part of responsible pet ownership includes taking out insurance for your pets. Not only does it give you peace of mind, but also comfort in knowing that there’s adequate cover should the worst happen and a much loved pet becomes poorly or is injured, so you can keep attention focused upon your pet. I now have had first-hand experience of that scenario, Helena told us.

A friend first told me about with whom we have cover for Chudleigh and our other two terriers. The claim (which included two separate vets) was settled quite promptly, and the staff were friendly and professional. We found your service excellent, and will be recommending the company to our friends.

And as for the sunflower seed? It’s growing nicely.

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