Pet Insurance Customer Testimonial: Laura and Tyler the American Cocker Spaniel

2016-01-11 09:01:38

Photo of Tyler the American Cocker Spaniel

Meet Tyler the American Cocker Spaniel

Tyler is a happy and active four year-old American Cocker Spaniel, but in recent times owner Laura McKee has had to make two separate claims to who have covered Tyler since she was a puppy. Both were pretty significant claims said Laura, and listening to friends of mine who would openly share their bad experience of other insurance companies I was a little dubious to say the least.

Claim #1: Apple of my (cherry) eye

The first claim was for a common condition found in many young dogs called Cherry Eye, which is a disorder of the nictitating membrane sometimes referred to as the third eyelid.

Suddenly one day her eye was swollen and puffy resulting in a visit to the emergency vet and then surgery, explained Laura. From the moment I submitted my claim through to receiving the money it was problem-free; the forms were clear and easy to understand and the service from the claims department was excellent. Tyler is now on eye medication for the condition, which is covered by her Lifetime insurance policy.

Claim #2: Muscle pains and stiffness

The second claim occurred when Tyler began experiencing muscle pains and stiffness in her joints. After x-rays and several visits to the vets Laura was advised that her dog would need to go for an MRI scan. I was rather shocked to hear that this could be between £1,500 and £2,500, and that I would need to take her to a specialist right on top of Christmas as well!

When Laura called our Claims department she was pleased to be greeted with the same level of support she had received for her previous claim. What I valued more than anything was their honesty and openness , said Laura. They needed to assess the claim which involved forms from my vet, as well as a history of the condition. The claim was successful and Laura was informed Tyler’s scan would be covered.

… return to full health and fitness

We were referred to a specialist and Tyler had her MRI scan. They are optimistic that with rest and gentle exercise Tyler will return to full health and fitness. Laura notes one slight problem with this request. Anyone with a Cocker will know the challenges of keeping them on the lead! Tyler in herself is very happy and very bouncy, she continues to love her walks and we are hopeful she will soon return to more active exercise.

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