Pet insurance customer testimonial: Woody the Border Terrier

2015-11-18 03:11:16

Photo of Woody the Border Terrier

Woody’s woodland walks

There’s nothing more enjoyable and peaceful than going on a brisk autumnal walk with your pooch, giving them free reign to stretch their legs, run around and play. Julie Hayne is embracing it even more after her dog Woody had undergone extensive treatment for a ligament injury.

Woody suffered a painful lateral collateral ligament injury in the left carpal after jumping off the back of a chair, unknowingly landing himself in deep trouble that would affect his walks for quite some time.

Avoiding surgery

An x-ray confirmed no broken bones, said Julie. The vet then recommended physio as he was limping and unable to go on walks. It was suggested we go and see a specialist who confirmed the sprain and they advised a conservative management programme over the next few months to try and avoid surgery.

A plan of action

Julie had the support and knowledge of the veterinary professionals to devise a suitable plan of action to get Woody back on his woodland walks. They made him a rigid splint which he had to wear up to 8 hours a day for 8 weeks, and he continued with physio and heat treatment, explained Julie. He was only allowed to sniff and stroll on leash walks during this period. He then had a softer splint made and we were advised to start slowly increasing his leash walks over the next couple of months.

Slow and steady recovery

Taking it easy was a way of allowing Woody’s injury to heal in the most efficient way. It wasn’t long before the splint was only used on Woody’s walks, and then off-leash walks with no splint at all. It was all very gradual, said Julie. During this time, Woody had weekly hydrotherapy sessions to build up his lost muscle. We had a couple of check-ups at the specialist to check he was doing okay. Woody’s recovery took around 6 months.

A smooth and stress-free claims process

Insured with, Julie rang as soon as Woody’s injury occurred. After each separate treatment, I was able to put the claim through straight away, said Julie. The claims process was really straightforward and I had peace of mind. Money is a big worry when it comes to a pet’s injury or illness, but they made our claims process very smooth and stress-free, and I was able to concentrate on getting my dog better. And now?

I am delighted to say that Woody is back to his normal self and is running freely through woods and fields on his usual 45 minute daily walks!

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