Easter treats and spring cleaning

2016-03-22 04:03:00

Easter treats

Peckish pets love Easter, where chocolate treats are on-hand around the home. But remember that chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine which are cardiac stimulants that can be lethal for dogs and cats, and hot-cross buns, with their currants and raisins, can cause kidney failure. Be sure to keep human treats for human consumption!

Easter treats aren’t the only thing you need to watch around pets, as cleaning your home top to bottom with various cleaning products can cause serious harm. You should:

  • Keep pets out of rooms you re cleaning, making sure there’s no way for them to sneak back in.
  • Have a watchful eye on all products in your collection, placing them on high and secure surfaces if possible.
  • Firmly fix bottle tops and catches on products to avoid any leakages and unnecessary visits to the vets.
  • When storing keep them in a locked cupboard that your pets cannot gain access to.
  • Buy quality supplies and check that they are non-toxic by reading the labels carefully. If in doubt, don’t use them.

If sprucing up your pet’s bedding or cage, our consultants recommend using natural ingredients such as white vinegar to avoid causing them harm.

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