Green Puppies Born in Spain

2014-07-03 03:07:24

Two green puppies have been nicknamed the Hulk puppies’ due to their unusual colour, but there is nothing fierce about these adorable newborns. Before they had even opened their eyes the tiny puppies had become headline news across the world, making history as the first green pups ever to be born in Spain.

Born on 3 June in the small town of Laguna de Duero, the Hulk pups (one male and one female) gave professional breeder Aida Molina quite a shock.

I couldn’t believe it when I first saw them, she said. I thought the puppies were maybe dirty somehow and I tried to clean them, But the colour wouldn’t come off and then I realised it was the colour of their fur.

Molina has been breeding hunting dogs for years, and the green pups were a part of a litter of five.

However, in a tragic turn of events, the female puppy died just a few days after its birth, while her brother is said to be in a particularly weak condition. Local vets are monitoring the bright green pup in an effort to understand what caused the unusual coloration.

Possible Causes

According to one local vet, Daniel Valverde, this is the first known case of green coloured puppies in Spanish records, and he is carrying out virological and bacteriological tests to get to the bottom of the mystery.

The green hue could have been caused by biliverdin, a highly pigmented substance which is found in the placenta. In rare cases, exposure in the womb can cause pale-coated animals to take on a greenish colour.

A green Labrador puppy which was born in England in 2012 was thought to have been exposed to biliverdin, a bile pigment It lost its green colouring though within ten days and revealed a pale golden coat.

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