Keeping your pets safe and snug this Christmas

2014-12-11 11:12:12

Top tips to pet-proof your home

It’s safe to say that you re not the only one looking forward to the holiday season. For your four legged friends it’s a time filled with the excitement of colourful new things and magic in the air. There’s new people coming and going, different smells, sights and sounds around the house even the odd flurry of snow outside!

It’s also important to make sure that you look out for any possible dangers as there are several things to consider. By following the few tips we ve listed below, you ll be snug as can be and ready to make the most of your winter holidays.

Puppy wrapped in a scarf

Christmas trees and decorations

If you re planning on putting up a real Christmas tree, be careful they can actually be mildly toxic and cats have a habit of slurping up the water before you can shoo them away. Holly and mistletoe should be avoided as they’re also poisonous. Trees can be heavy too, and can get knocked over if you’ve got hanging decorations or have a larger dog in the house. Cords and lights can be dangerous if your pet is prone to chewing and biting. For the best protection, consider shutting your pet away from the trees when you re not in the house with them.

Holiday food

Although it’s yummy, festive favourites aren’t always the best thing for our pets. Chances are, Christmassy treats don’t agree with our pets digestion and things like chocolates and raisins will make them ill. Poultry carcasses can hurt them as the bones can split when swallowed and get stuck. As its Christmas, why not keep them away from your treats by getting them some treats of their own?


Depending on where you live, fireworks, busy crowds and disruption can be alarming for your pets. They need to have a quiet place to escape to especially so if it’s cold and wet outside and having a pet’s-only spot in the house will ensure they don’t get stressed out and nervous.

Home alone!

As it’s the holiday season, you ll naturally be looking to relax, unwind and take a break, but make sure your pets aren’t left alone! If you can’t get a sitter or leave them with someone else, find catteries and kennels that ll ensure they’re busy and well looked after while you re gone.

Pets aren’t presents

Pets are much more than that and even if your family would just love having a puppy or a kitten to greet them on Christmas morning it’s irresponsible unless you’ve properly thought about it beforehand. It’s hard to book a vet over the holidays, so waiting until after the festive season is over might be a better idea.

Do you have any more tips or other advice we should include on our list? Let us know in the comments section!

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