Kittens: Pedigree or Moggie?

2013-05-15 10:05:59

Getting a Kitten: Pedigree or Moggie?
Having made the decision to introduce a kitten into your family, you ll need to consider whether you d like to buy a pedigree or a moggie. If you wish to purchase a moggie – that is, a kitten that isn’t recognised for being a particular breed – you ll be able to find your perfect pet at a cat rescue centre or through making contact with kitten sellers who ve placed ads in local newspapers. If you love cats of all colours and sizes, you ll find moggies to be just as beautiful as their pedigree counterparts. The main difference is that you won’t be able to predict the adult size or temperament of your kitten. The appearance and health of your moggie will therefore be your main considerations. Moggie kittens are relatively inexpensive to purchase. If you acquire a kitten from your local cat rescue, you ll usually be asked to meet the cost of a rehoming fee, which is typically around £50 per kitten. Independent kitten sellers are free to set their own prices but usually charge between £25 and £50.
Unlike moggie kittens, pedigree kittens can be more difficult to locate, particularly if you re seeking a specific breed. If you look after young children or work long hours, you ll need to be aware of your chosen pedigree’s personality. Breeds such as Burmese crave human company and so may not be suitable if you work long hours. Pedigree kittens can be expensive to purchase, with breeds such as Ragdolls selling for as much as £500. If you re hoping to show your kitten, you ll need to make your purchase through a reputable breeder to receive all the right paperwork. As they’re worth more, pedigree kittens are more likely to get stolen. You should also be aware that they are more prone to developing health problems and therefore tend to cost more than your average moggie when you purchase cat insurance from
Whether you opt for a pedigree or a moggie, your kitten will be a part of your family for many years to come. Make sure you take the time to choose your perfect match.

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