Meet Titan, Battersea’s Fattest Cat

2014-07-03 02:07:00

When it comes to fat cats and mammoth moggies, they don’t get much bigger than nine-year-old feline Titan. He currently tips the scales at a whopping 10kg – that’s double the recommended weight for a domestic short-haired cat.

The pudgy pussycat with the very apt name has now been crowned the heaviest cat to have ever lived at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

The end of the fat cat lifestyle for Titan

Sui Li Weight, cattery team leader at Battersea, said: ‘Titan certainly lives up to his name, but his fat cat lifestyle now has to be addressed and we need to get him back down to a healthy weight. We have him enrolled in boot camp which involves lots of playing and running and we’ve put him on a special diet to help him shed the extra weight he has put on over the years.’

The Serious Side of Cat Obesity

Titan’s heavyweight appearance may look quite comical at first, but so much extra weight on his small frame can cause real health problems as he gets older. Fatter cats find it harder to jump, move, stalk and run, which can have a significant impact on their joints and overall health. Titan’s size may also put off potential owners who might not want a cat with a weight issue on their hands.

Titan’s Competition

When it comes to contenders for Battersea’s heavyweight record, Titan had some stiff competition. In the last year alone, Battersea welcomed 16 other heavyweights through its doors. There’s Zhu Zhu who weighs in on the rather large side at 8.5kg and recently rehomed Gizmo who weighed 9kg when he first arrived.

Being prone to such health risks makes it far more likely that any overweight cat will need some kind of treatment. Cat insurance will stop you from being overwhelmed with vet’s bills, but remember that being overweight isn’t healthy for any animal and you should do everything you can not to let them get to that point.

We are sure that Titan will be back to a svelte and slender physique in no time and we wish him every success finding his forever home with lots of room to run around.

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