One dog per family for the residents of Shanghai

2011-05-17 09:05:05

A new law is being introduced in China for the residents of Shanghai which means each family will only be allowed to keep one dog, trying to reduce the number of abandoned dogs in the city. This law that limits dog ownership proceeds decades of single-child policy. Also, people were no allowed to keep dogs under the rule of the late communist leader Mao Zedong but now due to China’s ever growing economy many families have one or more pets. The law hits families with several pets more as they will have to give one away. A man who owns two dogs said: The new policy says each family can only have one dog, but we have been living together for five years. They are a family to me, I cannot just give one of them up. The solution for some families is to leave any other pets with relatives as they have 1 month from 15th May 2011 to register their dogs one dog per family.
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