Pet Adoption Case Study: Dan and Esteban

2016-05-05 11:05:52


The United Kingdom is known as a country of pet lovers. From moggies to mongrels, chinchillas to chihuahuas, 46% of households own 58.4 million pets*. Many people choose to go down the route of adopting an animal that is delegated for rehoming. When Dan and his girlfriend decided to adopt a cat, they discovered that the process could often be a little more complicated than expected.

“After a lot of discussion we decided to look for a kitten,” Dan told us. “We knew it wasn’t a straightforward process, especially with such a young pet, so we did a lot of research beforehand.”

Eventually, they opted to go with a local voluntary cat charity. The charity’s policy was to help feral cats by limiting their numbers through neutering and returning to site, providing veterinary care where necessary, and by finding homes for kittens and stray cats.

“The first bit of recommended advice we came across on the internet was to look at adoption through a shelter, rescue centre or rehoming organisation. These places are often full of animals looking to go to a loving home and they are dedicated to matching up pets and owners by suitability and personality.”

The couple visited the shelter and selected an 8-week-old kitten but unfortunately things didn’t go to plan after that.

“Pet charities are very scrupulous with their checks. When rehoming an animal, they want to make sure they will be in their ‘forever home’ and the owners aren’t just adopting on a whim. The charity ran a couple of checks on our address and decided it was too close to a main road to let the kitten come to us.”

But that wasn’t the end.

“We were upset and disagreed with the assessment but, at the end of the day, we appreciated where the charity was coming from. They are only looking after the cat’s best interests. We decided to go through a private seller, but we got our local rescue centre to carry out a check on them for us.”

Dan and his girlfriend visited the seller and, a week or so later, the little kitten Esteban was soon making himself comfortable in his new home.

“He’s a complete mischief-maker to be honest, always up to no-good! But he’s incredibly affectionate and exceedingly spoilt. I am glad that we did all of the research in the first place, I wouldn’t have wanted the cat to be unhappy in an unsuitable home.”

What else have they learned from the experience?

“We spoke to a lot of different people and they gave us some good advice. Firstly, we got Esteban booked in with what I thought was the best vet in the area. They vaccinated and neutered him, as soon as he was old enough, and he was able to get out and play in the garden without adding to the local feral cat population!”

“We also decided to opt for a cat insurance policy from After visiting the vet a couple of times and talking about potential injuries and illnesses, we decided to take out cover because if anything happened to Esteban we might struggle to cover the cost of the vet’s fees. Fortunately, the little monster is thriving at the minute!”

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*According to PMFA 2015 pet population report

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