Case Study: Jackie and Oscar

2016-06-09 09:06:19



Dachshunds are charming and lively little dogs; incredibly loyal, playful and affectionate. Jackie’s dogs mean everything to her, so when she let her dachshund Oscar out into the garden and noticed him walking oddly, she was immediately worried.

“This had happened before, so I thought I was being paranoid,” Jackie told us. “But within half an hour of me taking him to the vet, he was completely paralysed. His spine was clearly compromised and the dreaded call to Dovecote Veterinary Hospital had to be made. I wasted no time in getting Oscar over there for surgery.”

Badger Dogs

The name dachshund, derives from the German for badger (dachs) and dog (hund). Historically, that’s exactly what they were, bred to scent, chase and flush out badgers from their setts. This particular purpose meant that they have a long body in relation to their very short legs, as well as a fearless nature, and because of their unique shape they are often prone to back problems.

One condition that can often occur is intervertebral disc disease, where some of the discs become damaged and leak fluid which crystallises and presses on the spinal cord itself. This can inflame the spine to the extent where paralysis occurs, and this is exactly what happened to poor little Oscar.

“When this occurs in dogs, you only have two choices; surgery or putting them to sleep. For me, the second was just not an option. The surgery removes all crystallisation and offers a good chance of full recovery. I booked Oscar in for surgery immediately, without hesitation.”

Oscar’s Surgery

A hemilaminectomy, like any surgery, has associated risks and there is always a chance that the paralysis is permanent. Fortunately for Oscar and Jackie, this wasn’t the case.

“He’s recovered very well,” A relieved Jackie told us. “He is quite himself, very mobile and full of fun. He still has a weakness on his left back leg but overall I am very happy with his treatment and recovery.”

A serious incident like this, requiring surgery, can be not only emotionally upsetting but also quite a blow financially. Many dogs owners find it important to consider putting protection in place should the worst occur. So how did Jackie find her experience with

“The claims process was very simple indeed. Having paid for the surgery myself, I simply printed off a claims form online, completed it within a couple of minutes and posted it to the hospital. They then sent it, with the invoice, to who confirmed receipt, before I received notification of the settlement amount. I recommend to everyone I meet who says they don’t have insurance and I know some of those people have taken out policies.”

Pooches on holiday!

Whilst we are happy that Jackie had an easy and reassuring claims experience, the main thing is that Oscar is back to his mischievous self. Jackie’s dogs, Oscar and another dachshund bitch called Chloe, are a huge part of her life. She has even bought a motor home so that they can all travel to the coast on holiday together!

“You must think I’m quite bonkers, but I just love my dogs to bits! I will always be grateful to for the cover they provide to keep my courageous little dachshunds safe.”

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