Pet Case Study: Denise and Westen

2016-10-07 08:10:49


Westen, the Labrador Collie cross, has always been a bundle of energy, from the moment his owner Denise Shaw gave him a home. Living close to the sea, Denise and her husband take every opportunity to visit the beach with Westen and their other dog Sam. Westen really embraces his Labrador side, he adores swimming, so every morning, Denise takes him to the beach so that he can frolic in the surf and splash about to his heart’s content. The Labrador in Westen also means that he possesses a voracious appetite, so when he went off his food, Denise was immediately worried.

Unlike Westen

“Being a Labrador Collie cross, Westen is a proper foodie. We noticed that he wasn’t eating properly and we examined him and found that he had swollen glands in his neck,” Denise told us. “This wasn’t like Westen, so we took him to the vet. He had a temperature, they took a blood test and the next day we discovered that he had lymphoma.”

Obviously, this was devastating news for Denise and her family but what did the vets do next? “We were told that the only course of action was chemotherapy. Lymphoma can be terminal so, to give him a chance, we started treatment right away. We have only had Westen a year, we got him from a site called Labradors In Need to replace our last Lab Cassie, who sadly died at the age of 14.”

It must have been quite a traumatic time for Denise; how is the treatment going? “The chemotherapy is a course of 27 sessions and Westen is only on number seven, but he now only goes fortnightly, as opposed to every week, which is good news. Fortunately, I have found that claiming with has been very straightforward. After I paid the excess, have been paying the vet directly for us. The last three months treatment came to £600 and we wouldn’t have been able to pay this upfront.”

Taking Things One Day At A Time

There is no cure for lymphoma, but with the right therapy, a dog’s survival time can be up to a year or even longer. Westen is of a good age and has typically been a very fit dog, so Denise and her family remain hopeful of spending as much time with their beloved dog as possible.

“During his last session of chemo, Westen was at the vet for six hours. Because it was a hot day, when he was finished, my husband took him to the beach and he managed to swim for half an hour. Westen is a fighter, we don’t know what the outcome will be, but while he is with us he is getting very spoiled. Hopefully he will get over this but until then we are just taking every day as it comes.”

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