Pet Case Study: Margaret and Bilbo

2016-07-26 11:07:46



Lots of pet owners think of their animals as best friends, but for Margaret Rummey and her cat this could not be truer – they’ve been inseparable since Bilbo’s birth! “My daughter’s cat had kittens and I was there when they were born,” Margaret recalled fondly. “She had three boys and Bilbo was the last one. Mum cat couldn’t break the sack around him and my daughter didn’t know what to do. I took charge, broke the sack with my nail and blew on Bilbo until he mewed.”

Limping and Grumpy

It was certainly a dramatic beginning to Margaret and Bilbo’s relationship and it seems like it only made it more special. That’s why when Bilbo appeared to have a poorly leg one day, Margaret was understandably concerned. “I first discovered Bilbo’s condition when he came in from the garden and was limping. I waited until the next day to see if he was any better but he still seemed unwell and he would hiss at me when I tried to touch his paw.” Margaret was worried and wasted no time in phoning the vet, who advised her to take Bilbo in immediately.

Bilbo’s Diagnosis and Treatment

“He had a temperature and the pad on his left paw was very red and swollen,” Margaret told us. “Bilbo was very distressed, so the vet took blood tests, gave him antibiotics and Metacam for the pain. I was able to take Bilbo home but I had to return the next day. Eventually, he was diagnosed with interdigital moist dermatitis (inflammation of the skin between the claws) and pyrexia (fever). He was obviously uncomfortable but, once we knew what the problem was, we were able to concentrate on getting him well.”

So, how did Margaret find her experience with

“In all the process was very easy but more importantly it came with a personal touch. When I had to make the claim they were very understanding. A lovely lady answered the phone and she was really easy to talk to, which was reassuring as this is the first time I have had to claim on insurance and I didn’t know what to expect. The forms came quickly, were simple and straightforward to fill in and I didn’t have to wait long for an email telling me that a cheque would be sent out for my claim.”

Best of Friends

It was great for us at to hear how easy Margaret found the claim process but, more importantly, we were delighted to find out that Bilbo was recovering well. It was only after speaking to Margaret that we realised how important their relationship is.  “After I helped Bilbo at birth, my daughter said I had to have him because I saved his life. So I did and I loved him the moment I saw him. My husband Pete loved him too, he used to call him Bill, but sadly he passed away in December 2014. Bilbo misses him and I think he goes to my neighbour Mick next door as a kind of a substitute. I expect that you realise by now that my Bilbo is very special to me, I am so glad to have him.”

We loved hearing Margaret and Bilbo’s story, we found it genuinely heart-warming to hear how close their bond is and we’re pleased to know that we helped them get back on track.

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