Pick Up Pokémon Whilst Helping a Hound

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An American animal charity has come up with a novel way of ensuring that their dogs receive the right amount of exercise and attention from attentive humans. The Muncie Animal Shelter in Indiana has taken advantage of the Pokémon Go craze to encourage willing volunteers to sign up to their scheme. The hook of their advertising campaign is that people can walk their dogs whilst searching for Pokémon on the latest smartphone app.

Pokémon Go has become a phenomenon, released in the UK on the 14th July, resurrecting the 90s craze in which players search for and collect fabled creatures. The initiative has also been a roaring success for the Muncie Animal Shelter, with people queuing up to walk their dogs, a number of adoptions made and plenty of donations received.

Shelter director Phil Peckinpaugh said: “There’s been an incredible response, and it’s just kind of taken off.”

With 75 adoptable dogs at Muncie Animal Shelter, Peckinpaugh hopes that the craze for finding a Pikachu, Mewtwo and Charizard will see a rise in people wanting to adopt some of their dogs. If this story has inspired you to look into adopting a pet then there is a five point checklist of things that you may want to consider beforehand.

Pet Adoption

–  Environment: you need to ensure that your home is a suitable living space for your new pet.-

–  Health: just like humans, pets can become ill. You need to be aware of this and be prepared to look after them should anything happen. Insurance can help in this situation.

–  Diet: pets need regular and healthy meals, this is a financial commitment.

–  Behaviour: dogs need regular exercise whilst cats will want to get out and explore on their own, allow them to fulfil these activities.

–  Companionship: all pets require interaction whether from a human or another animal. You’ll need to be prepared to provide this.

Once you are certain that all of these aspects can be met, then you need to make sure your pet feels welcome as the newest member of the family.  Try not to crowd them, they need to be allowed to immerse themselves naturally. Keep them indoors for a few weeks and when you do let them out, do so slowly.

Any questions that you have, don’t be afraid to ask them. Your local rescue centre will only be too happy to deliver advice and help. Once they are settled, be prepared to provide the constant care necessary. Neutering, vaccinations and annual check-ups should all be booked in with your vet and take in to consideration that pets can become ill just like humans.

If your new dog or cat does suffer an injury or illness then you may want to have protection in place that could cover you in the event of the unexpected.  www.pet-insurance.co.uk offer a 45% Intro discount, 10% Multi-pet discount and useful benefits such as Vet’s Fees.

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