Retirement Home for Dogs Opens in Japan

2014-07-03 02:07:00

When it comes dog grooming and pampering, it’s usually the younger and prettier dogs that have all the best places to go. Nail clipping, hair coiffeuring and even nail painting are just some of the services on offer that will turn that scruffy mutt into a perfectly pampered pooch.

Every dog has his day

Now, thanks to the ingenious ideas from a Japanese pet company, older dogs are about to get what they deserve and the chance to live out their twilight years in (or should that be on?) the lap of luxury.

Aeonpet Co., part of the Aeon supermarket chain in Japan, has opened the first retirement and nursing home for dogs. Here, doggies in their older years can enjoy the best veterinary care round-the-clock, a hydrotherapy pool and even a gym specially designed for dogs. The home is set within a popular shopping mall and will initially take on 20 dogs on a full-time basis.

Peace of mind for owners of older pets

Nanako Oiishi, a spokesperson for Aeonpet Co., said: ‘We wanted to open a retirement home for dogs as it was something many dog owners were looking for.’

‘Lots of people in Japan own pets now, but when these pets get older they can be difficult to care for. We provide a vet on-call service, a grooming service and owners are able to still enjoy their pets as they get older and live out their final days. It really is a luxury service and our residents are extremely well cared for here.’

The retirement home also offers physiotherapy treatments, lots of long walks, and bingo on a Tuesday evening. Okay, we may have lied about the bingo, but it certainly sounds like a wonderful place to be for an old hound looking for a little pampering before he departs for the dog park in the sky.

Until they bring this ingenious idea to the UK, it is worth getting lifetime pet insurance so that when your pooch does start to feel the pangs of old age they can still get the treatment they need to stay comfortable and happy.

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