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Cat moves 6,600 miles to new home

Posted On 2013-10-09 12:10:37

A cat-loving woman has transported a feral cat 6,600 miles from Singapore to her home in Dartford. Rachel Wyatt was studying for a PhD in Malaysia when she found 18-month old Pika in 2011 at Penan Village, according to News Shopper. Upon discovery, the cat was taken to the nearest... more

Cat missing at JFK for 2 months found ‘safe and well’

Posted On 2011-10-26 01:10:04

Pet insurance customers could be relieved to learn that the cat that went missing at the baggage area of the John F Kennedy airport has been found alive and well, although a little underweight. Jack caused a storm in August as he disappeared from his portable kennel at the airport... more