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Cat moves 6,600 miles to new home

Posted On 2013-10-09 12:10:37

A cat-loving woman has transported a feral cat 6,600 miles from Singapore to her home in Dartford. Rachel Wyatt was studying for a PhD in Malaysia when she found 18-month old Pika in 2011 at Penan Village, according to News Shopper. Upon discovery, the cat was taken to the nearest... more

Hundreds taking their pets on holiday with them

Posted On 2013-09-24 09:09:43

Each year, hundreds of people like to take their pet abroad with them on holiday. Airpets near Heathrow’s terminal five has reported a large number of animals coming in and out of the country, the Guardian reports. The organisation goes to great lengths to ensure comfort for pets – especially... more

Cat missing at JFK for 2 months found ‘safe and well’

Posted On 2011-10-26 01:10:04

Pet insurance customers could be relieved to learn that the cat that went missing at the baggage area of the John F Kennedy airport has been found alive and well, although a little underweight. Jack caused a storm in August as he disappeared from his portable kennel at the airport... more