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Pet Case Study: Margaret and Bilbo

Posted On 2016-07-26 11:07:46

  Lots of pet owners think of their animals as best friends, but for Margaret Rummey and her cat this could not be truer – they’ve been inseparable since Bilbo’s birth! “My daughter’s cat had kittens and I was there when they were born,” Margaret recalled fondly. “She had three... more

Kennel Cough

Posted On 2016-07-07 03:07:03

  What is it and how can it be prevented? Kennel Cough (infectious tracheobronchitis) is an upper respiratory infection that affects the respiratory tracts, and more specifically the lungs, windpipe and voice box, of dogs. It can be caused by a variety of viruses and pathogens, such as Bordetella Bronchiseptica,... more

Pet Travel Checklist

Posted On 2016-07-04 03:07:35

  Around the country, suitcases are being packed, passports frantically searched for and sunscreen purchased in bulk. Yes that’s right, it’s holiday season and many people are looking forward to the summer trip away with their families. At www.pet-insurance.co.uk, we understand that pets are just as much a part of... more

Pet insurance customer testimonial: Woody the Border Terrier

Posted On 2015-11-18 03:11:16

Meet Woody the Border Terrier who has been recovering from a carpal injury.... more

Tips on keeping your pet cat or dog safe and healthy this Spring

Posted On 2015-05-04 12:05:55

Hints and tips on how to keep your pet dog healthy during spring... more

Who were you rooting for at this year’s Crufts competition?

Posted On 2015-04-15 01:04:22

Meet Camlo the Kooikerhondje beloved pet of one of a www.pet-insurance.co.uk Claims Team Leader and find out how they fared at Crufts... more

Case study: Amy Jones and Sidney the Rottweiler

Posted On 2015-04-09 01:04:39

Case study following testimonial from Mrs Amy Jones. Five successful claims for cancer, kennels and asthma... more

ENDED: Win a £50 voucher for Zooplus

Posted On 2015-03-18 11:03:00

For your chance to win a £50 Zooplus.co.uk voucher enter our FREE giveaway competition.... more

Wonder why you might want to insure your pet?

Posted On 2015-01-15 08:01:23

We want you to meet Abi. She’s the proud owner of Meg, a gorgeous yellow Labrador she’s owned since a pup. It’s fair to say that Meg’s an important part of Abi’s life: part-dog, part-running buddy, part-lifestyle companion, she’s a Labrador through and through with that boundless energy that all... more

Keeping your pets safe and snug this Christmas

Posted On 2014-12-11 11:12:12

Christmas is a time full of excitement for both you and your four legged friends - read our tips on how to keep them safe and snug during the festivities.... more