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Charity needs newspaper donations

Posted On 2012-08-29 04:08:23

The Scottish SPCA is asking for locals to donate newspapers to its Dunbartonshire and West Scotland Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre. It is currently caring for 55 cats and 30 small pets at the centre in Milton and staff are hopeful that kind hearted individuals will be able to help... more

Charity trying to rehome tarantula in Glasgow

Posted On 2012-08-28 04:08:19

Animal welfare officers with the Scottish SPCA are working to try and rehome a Chilean rose tarantula, which was found in Glasgow city centre last week. It was discovered in a plastic tub next to a rubbish bin and had clearly been dumped by its owner. The charity said it... more

Pet insurance is a must for owners

Posted On 2012-08-28 04:08:52

All potential owners of animals should look to get pet insurance as this will safeguard themselves over any expensive trips to the vet. Too often people don’t think of the costs involved in owning a pet before getting one and are often surprised at the cost of vet bills. With... more

Vintage book fair for animal charity

Posted On 2012-08-28 12:08:37

Animal owners and lovers in the Stratford-upon-Avon area have been invited to visit the Blue Cross’s vintage book fair, which will be taking place this weekend. The shop, which initially opened in 2010, specialises in books and music, as well as having a wide varieties DVDs for people to purchase.... more

Cat survives 40ft fall

Posted On 2012-08-24 03:08:30

The Scottish SPCA has managed to reunite an overly adventurous cat with her Edinburgh owner after she spent two weeks seemingly in hiding following a 40ft fall. Lawrence Fraser called the charity to rescue one-year-old Cheeky who had escaped a fourth floor balcony through an open patio door. Animal rescue... more

Great British Circus to no longer use animals

Posted On 2012-08-24 01:08:27

The RSPCA has revealed its delight that the Great British Circus has announced it will no longer use animals in its performances. Martin Lacey runs the Great British Circus and said he was stopping the use of animals because the government is seeking to ban the use of wild animals... more

SPCA calling for help rehoming ferrets

Posted On 2012-08-23 02:08:43

The Scottish SPCA is appealing for help from the general public after receiving an influx of ferrets in the last few weeks, It is currently caring for 35 ferrets and many of them have come into the charity’s care after being found straying, though officials think some of them may... more

Cats that pester for food could be suffering a ‘psychological condition’

Posted On 2012-08-20 04:08:59

Traditional behaviour that cat owners think is a cry for attention such as rubbing against their ankles and pestering for food could actually be a sign of a psychological condition. According to a group of vets, it is a sign of a creature whose obsession with food has driven them... more

Boy’s furry companion named National Cat of the Year

Posted On 2012-08-20 03:08:13

A family cat that has ‘transformed’ the life of its seven-year-old owner, who has a severe anxiety disorder, has been crowned the National Cat of the Year. The two-year-old Jessi-Cat was honoured for helping Lorcan Dillon cope with Selective Mutism, which is a condition that affects his ability to speak... more

Cats Protection chosen as Cubic’s charity

Posted On 2012-08-16 01:08:05

Cats Protection has announced that Cubic Products has selected the charity as its chosen charity for the next year. This partnership will help raise vital funds for the charity as they will get 15 per cent of all orders placed through Cubic’s website in 2012 to help fund its work.... more