Things to Consider Before Adopting a Dog

2013-05-15 10:05:26

Adopting a Dog: Is it Right for You?
A dog can be a wonderful addition to your family, playing the role of a loyal and devoted companion throughout the years. Many people choose to adopt a dog from a shelter, keen to provide a home for a less fortunate canine. However, before you get drawn in by those sad puppy dog eyes staring back at you from a wired enclosure, there are some things you need to consider before adopting…
Your Lifestyle
Before choosing a dog from a shelter, you will need to consider whether your chosen canine will suit your lifestyle. By choosing the wrong breed for your lifestyle, you may end up having to re-home him or her yet again, because they simply can’t fit into your way of living. Many shelter dogs have suffered abuse or neglect and so the last thing they need is to be given a go to see if they fit into your household. They need a permanent home with dedicated owners. For example, if you live a fairly sedentary lifestyle and aren’t prepared to take your dog on long walks then you may want to avoid adopting a Cocker Spaniel who will require regular exercise and a lot of play time!
Financial Costs
Many people neglect to consider the financial costs that can come from adopting a dog. They not only require food and toys but veterinary bills can be steep, especially if your dog is getting on in age or has existing health problems. With this in mind, you should be prepared to invest in dog insurance to protect you financially should your loyal pet require expensive veterinary care.

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