Top 5 health claims for UK cats and dogs – infographic

2015-02-12 10:02:13

If you are a pet owner then it is highly likely that you will have considered taking out pet insurance and quite possibly wondered what you might end up claiming for. So we ve created the infographic below to help answer that very question for cats, dogs, puppies and kittens.

Our statistics are based of successful insurance claims made with both E&L and from the whole of 2014.

Top 5 dog health claims

Starting with a top level view of dog claims it’s quite clear that far and away the most common is for growths, cysts and tumours with nearly ? of claims. It may be worth noting that Labradors, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Yorkshire Terriers and Boxers all appeared most frequently in these claims and indeed all appear in the most popular breeds in the UK according to this report of the BBC.

Looking at the same stats for puppies you can see that claims for growths, cysts and tumours drop down the list at, perhaps understandably, the expense of digestive system and external accident related claims.

Top 5 cat health claims

Perhaps one of the interesting differences between the dog and cat related claims is that for cats it is much more even across the board – but it is still growth, cyst and tumour related claims that tops the list. Some of the most at risk breeds proportionally are also some of the most popular breeds.

How does this compare for kittens? Well, digestive system claims jump to the front of the pack and sadly road traffic accidents increase proportionally.

Road Traffic Accident vs External Injury Claims

You ll notice that likelihood of a dog having an external injury claim is the same as a cat having a road traffic accident claim. Broadly speaking the difference is that an external injury claims are commonly made for things such as a cut paw whereas many road traffic accidents can be far more serious.

Young vs Old claims

Lastly let’s take a wider view of all pet claims for pets aged under and over – one thing that remains is that growths, cysts and tumours are a constant. In pet’s aged over 8 years injury and accident claims drop out the top 5 with bone disease, heart and urinary problems moving in.

Hopefully these stats give you a good idea on what to be looking out for and why you might want to consider pet insurance if you haven’t already. Later in the year we are going to have look at some of the most expensive claims too.

Infographic showing stats for the most frequent types of health claims for dogs and cats in the UK

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