Wearable Tech for Pets

2014-07-03 02:07:00

Whether you agree or not, lots of people say that pets often look like their owners and behave in a similar way. As technology continues to develop, more and more people that include tech as part of their daily life are also passing the trend onto their pets. Although much of this pet tech (usually for dogs or cats) is still under development, it may soon become commonplace; particularly as the output data can be monitored on everything from smartphones to PCs.

Fido, where are you?

Although most domestic animals are now micro-chipped, they can still go missing. Motion trackers are available at relatively low cost, enabling the location of your pet to be always readily available. These devices use GPS to locate the animal, making your pet easy to find and rescue should they become lost. Collar cameras are also available so that you can see what your pet sees, wherever they are, in real time.

Health and fitness for pets

Worried your pet isn’t getting enough exercise? For around £90 you can fit a collar-like, basic activity tracker. Your pet’s eating, sleeping and physical activity will be monitored, (though not particularly accurately). For a few pounds more, however, tech is available (such as the ‘FitBit’) that enables other health parameters to be measured, including heart and respiratory rates. The most advanced devices even allow ‘goal setting’ to be set up. They don’t do all the work though, you still have to accompany them and persuade them to take part!

Are remote control walkers and translators the future?

Whilst present tech is functional, the future promises much more. Tech for pets currently being developed include remote control walking suits, where you train your dog to obey the signals from a vibrating suit, audible training devices that relay voice commands and even a translator called ‘No More Woof’ which promises to tell you what your dog is saying or thinking! Presumably, there will eventually be a similar device for cats. Whatever you may think of it, tech for pets is here… and it’s here to stay.

It is possible that by relying more on technology to look after your furry friends, may make you more likely to want to get pet insurance. Ensuring they can be treated when they need to be, may make it easier to try out new gadgets that you might be quite sceptical about.

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