Wonder why you might want to insure your pet?

2015-01-15 08:01:23

We want you to meet Abi. She’s the proud owner of Meg, a gorgeous yellow Labrador she’s owned since a pup. It’s fair to say that Meg’s an important part of Abi’s life: part-dog, part-running buddy, part-lifestyle companion, she’s a Labrador through and through with that boundless energy that all owners know and love.

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Do I really need to insure my pet?

Like many dog and pet owners, the decision whether or not to insure was one of the foremost questions in the early stage of ownership. Abi made the choice to get Meg insured after finding the pet insurance policy that was right for them both, and she lays out the benefits in the video above.

As she explains, pet insurance is no small part of looking after your pets and the right policy can give pet owners the confidence they need to let their pets live life to the fullest. Meet the happily protected pair and learn how pet insurance could be the right choice for you too.

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