Pet Care Hints & Tips

Moving home or going on holiday?

Moving Home

Remember that when you move home, you have to consider the effect this will have on your pets. A new environment can mean that your dog or cat will feel disorientated and if they wander off, they might not be able to find their way home. Keep dogs on a lead until they become familiar with the new area.

When the day of the move arrives, make sure that your dog or cat is kept securely in one room. This room should be quiet and out of the way to reduce stress for the pet.

Once at your new home;

  • Provide a comfort zone for your pet.
  • Have an accessible bag of essentials for your pet such as bedding, toys, litter tray, food and water bowl etc as this will help to make a home from home.
  • Keep checking on your pet to make sure that they do not appear distressed, remember not to forget them during the busy move as they will also be stressed.
  • Keep windows and doors in the allocated room closed so that the pet doesn't escape.
  • Placing a piece of clothing or a blanket from your old home will act as comfort for the pet as they will recognise the scent.
  • As soon as possible, take your dog out for a walk to explore the new area.
  • Once removal men and other visitors who have helped with the move have left, let your pet explore the house (keeping windows closed for cats) so that they start to familiarise themselves straight away.
  • Keep a regular routine as far as food, drink and playtime are concerned as this will help the pet to settle in.

Venturing outdoors after the move

Safely explore the new surroundings together.


Boarding, pet sitters or a holiday for your pet too? Decisions, decisions.