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A female cat will be on heat every three weeks and at this time they may become harder to live with and make noises around and about the home; this is because they will be trying to find a mate. Unwanted pregnancies in cats will add to the already high numbers of cats and kittens that need to be re-homed on a regular basis. There are no set ages as to when a cat should be neutered, however a female kitten can be spayed at around five to six months. This procedure should also reduce the risk of the pet getting womb cancer and calm down the female cat.

Male kittens should also be neutered at around five to six months of age. Doing so will reduce the amount of spraying that the cat will do around the home and should also reduce the risk of FIV which is the feline version of AIDS, which can be caught through fighting. The male cat is more likely to fight for territory and affections outside of the home than a female cat, so neutering will greatly reduce this.


Fleas and cats come hand in hand as the cat will be venturing around dirty areas and be playing outdoors. Fleas are especially common in summer so make sure that flea treatments are used at regular intervals. Unfortunately once a kitten has contracted fleas there is a high likelihood that they will be spread around the home due to the laying of eggs. Special sprays for use around the home can be recommended by your vet.


There are numerous illnesses and infections that cats can pick up. Making sure that your cat is vaccinated will help to keep them healthy and will stop them from picking up certain infections. Cat flu, Leukaemia and enteritis can be stopped by the use of a vaccine. Cats should have been vaccinated as kittens and this vaccine can be topped up with a booster annually, keeping your cat healthy.


Your kitten will need to be treated for roundworms and tapeworms. At aged four to six weeks the kitten can have an initial treatment for roundworms, which should be topped up every few weeks until they are aged four months. Once the kitten has reached this age they should be less likely to catch worms.


The length of time spent grooming will depend on the breed of cat chosen. If your cat is long haired daily grooming will be required so that matting does not occur. Grooming is another great way to bond with your cat, who will enjoy the attention. Generally cats are very clean pets and they will continually clean themselves, so bathing is not always necessary. Try to keep this to a minimum and only use specially designed cat shampoos if you do bathe them.

Dog Healthcare

A healthy dog is a happy dog, make sure you are doing all you can in and around the home as well as further afield.

Symptoms and how can I help

Recognise the symptoms of illness and see how you can help should anything crop up.