Pet Care Hints & Tips

Thinking of getting a new pet?

Cat or Kitten

The thought of getting a cat or kitten can be daunting and pose many questions, we are here to help with some useful tips and snippets of advice.

Dog or Puppy

All puppies are cute when they are small and it can be deceptive as to how big they will grow and what their temperament will be. There are a considerable amount of breeds available, so make sure that you have looked into as many as possible to allow for an informed choice and for you to pick the best dog for your lifestyle. Dogs can live for years on end, so research before purchase will not go wasted.

Aspects to consider:

  • How much living space do you have?
  • Is there outdoor room for your dog to play?
  • Do you have small children?
  • Any allergies?
  • Will you be working long hours?
  • Do you already have pets in the home?
  • Can you afford any vet's bills that may crop up?
  • Do you have time to walk and play with your dog outdoors, come rain or shine?

Numerous books and online sites are available with guides and information on different breeds; these are well worthwhile taking a look at. Careful consideration before taking home a pet will eliminate the thousands of cases where puppies have to be re-homed yearly!

A crossbreed will have a more varied temperament and it is often harder to judge what size the dog will grow to. In this instance it is worthwhile asking if you can see the puppy's mother and father, if possible. That way you can make more of a judgement as to what your puppy will be like when fully grown.

A new dog doesn't always have to be a puppy. There are plenty of mature dogs that need to be taken into loving homes. If you would love a companion but don't think you could cope with training a dog or with a very playful puppy, getting a mature dog may be the solution for you. Mature dogs can be rescued from dog rescue centres such as the RSPCA.

Why insure your pet?

Your pet is like part of the family and you want to be able to help them in all eventualities. Taking out pet insurance can ease the financial burden should something happen to your beloved dog or cat

Finding a Stray

What would you do if you stumbled upon a stray cat or dog, read on for some helpful advice.