Pet Care Hints & Tips

Thinking of getting a new pet?

Cat or Kitten

The thought of getting a cat or kitten can be daunting and pose many questions, we are here to help with some useful tips and snippets of advice.

Dog or Puppy

Whether you are bringing home a playful puppy, mature dog or selecting a breed, we are here to help you with your questions.

Why insure your pet?

It has been estimated that 40% of the cost of owning a dog goes towards unforeseen vet's bills and that only about one in five dogs and one in eight cats are insured.*

Pet insurance not only removes the financial worry if your cat or dog was to fall ill or have an accident, there are also extra benefits including theft or straying, kennel/cattery fees and advertising and reward.

With comprehensive cover it is no wonder that increasing numbers of owners are choosing to take out pet insurance, leaving them to enjoy time with their pets without worrying about the what ifs.


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"I was so frightened when Freddie my doberman was lost, thankfully took care of posters and a reward. I got Freddie back within two weeks. Thank you" Anne, Bristol.

Finding a Stray

What would you do if you stumbled upon a stray cat or dog, read on for some helpful advice.