Pet Care Hints & Tips

We have a new Cat

Home Sweet Home

Make your new cat or kitten feel at home

Meeting the Kids and Socialising

Introducing your new addition to playful children and adults alike can pose many questions, let us help you.

I have another pet

An introduction to your dog or cat can be hard work and extra care should be taken when this takes place. For the first few days, make sure that you keep distance between the pets so that they become used to each other without posing a threat.

Placing your kitten in a see through pen will allow the existing pets to observe the kitten, without the risk of any accidents. Over time, the kitten should be allowed to get out of the pen whilst the other pets are in the room, possibly keeping dogs on a lead so that you still have control. It is also worthwhile having a safety route should the kitten want to escape.


Set the ground rules and introduce training as part of the daily routine