Pet Care Hints & Tips

We have a new Cat

Home Sweet Home

Every owner wants to give their kitten the best possible start in their new surroundings, so make sure that you prepare the home before your new arrival moves in. A comfortable and warm bedding area needs to be organised in a quiet environment so that the kitten is not frightened. It is worthwhile considering that your kitten will be feeling lonely without his or her mum and siblings, so place warm blankets, soft toys or even a hot water bottle in the area to make your house feel like a home from home. If you do use a hot water bottle, make sure that you cover it up fully with a case so that the kitten can't burn themselves. First impressions make a big impact, so such preparation will go a long way to helping your kitten settle in.

You could even take a blanket, cushion or old piece of clothing to your kitten before you pick them up. This will allow them to become aware of the smell of their new home, making the new surroundings seem more familiar for when they do arrive.

Meeting the Kids and Socialising

Introducing your new addition to playful children and adults alike can pose many questions, let us help you.

I have another pet

Don't let the fact that you already have a pet be a problem, introduce your new cat or kitten with ease.


Set the ground rules and introduce training as part of the daily routine