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Meeting the Kids and Socialising

Meeting new people can be daunting for a grown adult, let alone a tiny kitten. Make sure that you don't have everyone you know rushing round to meet the new arrival, take the time to introduce people one by one.

Children will be very excited to meet a new playmate, however it must be stressed to them that the kitten is not a toy. Respect for the kitten must be in place so that a mutual bond can be formed. On the first meeting keep the children calm and quiet and get them to sit on the floor so that they appear smaller to the kitten, then allow the kitten to come to you. Kittens will start to scratch and play bite as they grow a little more confident so make children aware of this at an early stage.

It takes on average two to seven weeks to socialise a kitten into your home. This can all be dependent on the past experiences of your kitten and the new environment that they are coming in to. Each kitten will be different so be patient. Socialising your kitten is an essential part of training and will make a great difference in later life.

I have another pet

Don't let the fact that you already have a pet be a problem, introduce your new cat or kitten with ease.


Set the ground rules and introduce training as part of the daily routine