Pet Care Hints & Tips

We have a new Dog

I have another pet

Don't let the fact that you already have a pet be a problem, introduce your new dog or puppy easily and safely.


Set the ground rules and introduce training as part of the daily routine

Outdoor Safety

Giving your puppy the appropriate identification is essential when you are allowing them outdoors. It is a legal requirement to make sure that the puppy has a collar and tag. Make sure that the size of the collar is checked at regular intervals, you do not want the collar too loose as the puppy could easily get caught or tangle itself, yet the puppy will be growing fast so make sure the collar does not become too tight.


A microchip can be inserted in between the puppy's shoulders so that they can be identified should they become lost and lose their collar. The microchip is extremely small and each chip is allocated with a unique reference number. If a chip is scanned, it will show up on a national database, allowing pet and owner to be re-united quickly and easily.