The Brexit Transition & Your Insurance

How does the UK leaving the EU affect your policy?

Since the EU referendum, there has been a great deal of uncertainty about how leaving the EU could affect us. With even more changes coming on 1st January 2021, we wanted to reassure you, our valued customers, about your insurance with us.

If you’re an existing policyholder, don’t worry. Your cover should not be affected and will remain valid. For new customers wanting to take out a policy, our products are not affected at this time. We’ll update this page as and when we receive any further Brexit information. We will also update policyholders directly if there is any change to the level of cover we provide.

Rest assured, we remain committed to protecting your pets. If you have any further questions regarding your policy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly Customer Services team on 03300 243 539.

Frequently Asked Questions

New rules for businesses and citizens begin 1st January 2021. Please visit the UK Government website for official, up to date information on the Brexit transition.
While no deal has been set covering the financial sector, we do not foresee Brexit affecting our policyholders’ cover. If there are any changes to your policy, we’ll make sure to notify you in advance.
Our products are not affected at this time. If anything changes, we will update this page and our product pages with more information.
There are no changes to our claims process, and you can get in touch with our team in exactly the same way as before. Please visit our contact page for more information.

Pet Insurance

For the foreseeable future, our Pet Insurance products are not affected by the Brexit transition. Existing policyholders will still receive exactly the same level of cover as before, and there are currently no plans to change our products for new customers.

If we do have to make the difficult decision to change any policies, rest assured existing policyholders will be notified. This page and our product pages will also be kept up to date with the most relevant information.

If you plan on travelling to an EU country with your pet from 1st January 2021, you will need to comply with certain guidelines. Your pet must be microchipped and vaccinated against rabies. You must wait 21 days after the primary vaccination before travel. You must also visit your vet to get an animal health certificate (AHC) for your pet, no more than 10 days before travelling to the EU.

These guidelines may be subject to change, so we would always recommend keeping an eye on the official government pet travel advice page, and contacting your vet at least four months in advance of travelling with them. links

Don’t worry, you can still get in touch with us regarding your policy in the usual ways. Here’s easy access to everything you need to know about your policy.

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Helpful links

In case you have any concerns about how the Brexit transition may affect you but not directly related to your insurance, we’ve compiled some useful advice to help you navigate the exit from the EU.

Still have questions?

We hope this page has been useful in answering any queries you may have had in the transition out of the EU. If you still have any questions regarding your policy, do not hesitate to contact us.