Lifetime Cover

20% Intro Discount
Lifetime Cover

On-going protection for on-going or repeat treatment

20% Intro Discount
Lifetime Cover

A huge 20% discount for new customers

10% Multi Discount
Lifetime Cover

An extra 10% if you insure multiple pets!

20% Intro Discount
Lifetime Cover

Choose lifetime cover for long-term protection

Enjoy the peace of mind that Lifetime pet insurance brings

Just like humans, dogs and cats can develop long term or recurring illnesses such as diabetes or arthritis. Illnesses such as these require regular and long term treatment by the vet and in some cases for the rest of the pet's life.

Lifetime cover is our most popular level of cover providing insurance for any ongoing treatment resulting from illness or accident for the lifetime of your pet. This level of insurance has been design with pet owners who are concerned about the dog or cat and developing a long term, chronic or recurring illness in mind. Lifetime cover is an insurance cover without veterinary fees exclusions for the duration of your pet's life, as long as the policy is renewed each year and the premiums are kept up to date.

Lifetime insurance is great for you and your pet

If you've been to so many comparison sites that it feels like it's raining cats and dogs with insurance quotes, then welcome to - the home of great value straight forward pet insurance. In fact, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3! Start by clicking the Get Quote button and then:

  • 1 Click Get a Quote
  • 2 Tell us about your pet
  • 3 Choose Lifetime cover
    • Lifetime - covered for ongoing or repeat treatment

Then you simply add as many pets as you need! Better still, with our fantastic multi-pet cover you can mix and match Standard or Lifetime policies for your different pets!

Policies packed full of great benefits!

If you compare our pet insurance cover to other UK providers you'll notice that we include lots of great benefits for a stunning low price. Our low prices include cover for death of pet by illness or accident.

  • Vet's Fees
  • Death from Illness or Accident
  • Boarding Fees
  • Holiday Cancellation
  • Loss from Theft Straying
  • Advertising Reward
  • Accidental Damage
  • Personal Accident
  • Public Liability (for dogs)
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